BGSD Invitational Tournament

2008 Coed Web Gems

1. Player: Andrew Urbas, Ken Traben / Position: Shortstop, Pitcher / Team: BGSD

Pitcher Ken Traben, fields a one hopper and leads shortstop Andrew Urbas to second base with a perfect throw. Andrew receives the ball as he lands on second, and then completes the throw to first to get the double play.

2. Player: Jason Germany / Position: Left Center / Team: St. Clair Tire

Jason Germany makes a beautiful running catch with his back towards home plate to save a run.

3. Player: John Benander / Position: First Base / Team: BGSD

John Benander shows off his flexibility at first base by fully stretching his body to receive the ball to get the second out of a double play in the nick of time.

4. Player: Shandell Smith / Position: Right Center / Team: St. Clair Tire

Shandell Smith makes a nice running grab in right center, but then throws a perfect strike to second base to catch the runner, who was not tagging, to end the inning.

5. Player: Matt Urbas / Position: Right Center / Team: BGSD

Matt "Matches" Urbas throws his body into the fence in right center to make an unbelievable catch.

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