BGSD Invitational Tournament

2014 Home Run Derby

Jeff Rizzo wins the 2014 Home Run Derby

Jeff Rizzo proved himself to be the most powerful hitter in the competition as he won both the preliminary and championship rounds.

For his title, Jeff Rizzo received a trophy and $100.

Player Round 1 Finals
Jeff Rizzo 12 3
Jason Fifik 7 2
Tim Fleenor 4 2
Aaron Swenson 3  
Jeff Nenadal 3  
Justin Lukes 3  
Lito Vazquez 3
Aaron Byler 2  
Adam Cox 1
Matt Najdovski 1  
Sean Lachman 1  
Tim Kiser 1
Brian Casper 0
Dan Kraus 0  
Jared Pavelka 0  
Kam Abed 0  
Lee Harris 0
William Hubb 0  

2014 Golden Arm Contest

Kevin Butts wins the 2014 Golden Arm Contest

Kevin Butts earned himself a spot in the championship round with two fabulous throws on his final two opportunities. In the finals, Butts continued his success and bested Kevin Kumazec's strong score with a throw to spare.

For his win, Kevin Butts earned himself up a trophy and $30.

Player Round 1 Round 2 Total Score
Kevin Butts 26 30 56
Kevin Kumazec 30 26 56
Justin Lukes 22    
Matt Bencic 14    
Ray Calloway 6    


2014 "Jim Funk Fastest Man" Contest

Nathan Fisher IV is the Fastest Man

With Jim Funk not present to defend his title, the field of three was chomping at the bit to win this year's Fastest Man competition. Nathan Fisher IV stripped down to his undergarments to be as aerodynamic as a stealth jet; the move paid off as he topped Aaron Byler's time by a mere .08 seconds! This is the second year in a row Byler has come in second-place. After the win, Fisher celebrated by doing backflips.

For his victory, Nathan Fisher received a trophy, $20, and the naming rights to next year's Fastest Man competition.

Player Time
Nathan Fisher IV 11.10
Aaron Byler 11.18
William Hubb 12.56

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