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Benander Games/Sports Data isn't just about stats. For over 35 years, BGSD has been selling ZENN games to people across the globe. A cult favorite, this unique board game can be played by anyone with an index finger and an opposable thumb. ZENN is a game of skill and strategy that is suitable for all ages, a game that can pit a child and an adult at even odds. The simple flick of a chip on a durable styrene board scores points by ricocheting off the sides or between the patented Zenn blocks and into the cups.

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Yellow ZENN Board

With the 16 multi-colored and multi-sized chips included, as well as the lines and numbers on the board itself, there are countless variations on the games you can play on the ZENN board. In fact, when we tried to count them, we got all the way to 101 and thought, "Well, there's something to be said for overkill," and decided to leave it at that. We've included an illustrated rulebook for those 101 games of skill and strategy, which include Bumper ZENN, Flip-o-chet ZENN, Hockey ZENN, Basketball ZENN and just plain ZENN. Scoremarkers on either side of the board help you keep score. It's perfect for parties, classrooms, and rainy-day recess. Made in the USA, your ZENN board is guaranteed for life.

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